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Manufacturing the Wonder Cab Free Essays

We have been Informed that they are the ones who manufactured the wonder cab that Is much known to us as the three wheels cab. All materials needed for manufacturing vehicles are Imported from other countries Like Japan . Based on the accepted practice of other Aslant countries, after 4-5 years of usage of vehicles. We will write a custom essay sample on Manufacturing the Wonder Cab or any similar topic only for you Order Now Owners are obliged to replace their old with new ones. Given this scenario, he company imports them and makes some overhauling to come up with their product. Not all are second hand because they are also importing surplus but majority came from secondhand vehicles. All engines are subject to check up to assess the overhauling that must be done. Also, spare parts came from the country where the engine was made. There are three types of vehicles. These are the if. : commercial mini vans, serial types and the special units. Price ranges from PH 250,000 to PH 270,000. For special orders, a minimum of 50 units must be ordered. The parts assembly is the first stage in the preparation section. Here, wheels are attached to the engine body and subsequently aligned before engine overhauling. After that, these are checked by machinists for the body fabrication which includes painting, completion of necessary parts and its accessories. Final testing is done by the quality control department per finished product to maintain the quality of manufactured vehicles. Actually, the manufacturing of their product does not require so much labor because the people working there would not exceed. How to cite Manufacturing the Wonder Cab, Papers

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Professional Practice In Information Tech -

Question: Discuss about the Professional Practice In Information Tech. Answer: Introduction The Google codes of conduct is built in such a way that everything which they do with various kinds of work at google is generally measured against the given standard for the ethical conduct of various ongoing business in google (Denecke, 2015). Trust and respect among the various employees and users are reason behind the success of Google. Dell focus on honesty, integrity and highest value of ethical conduct. There are lot of reason behind the ethical conduct that Dell devote themselves in a creation of culture which is generally based on various kinds of ethical standards (Kosinski et al., 2015). Dell focus in creation of loyalty customers by giving or providing superior value of experience at a great experience. Apple focus on creation of standards at highest level for social and environmental responsibility. The suppliers of Apple are generally required to give safe condition for its employees. Employees of Facebook and other performing of workers collectively known as Facebook p ersonnel (Ahmed et al., 2013). Facebook personnel are expected to make use of their own judgment for acting in best kind of interest in Facebook during performing of their duties. In the coming pages of the report a survey has been done regarding the peoples view regarding the fact how ethical the major internet organization are. A brief summary has been provided regarding the Ethical codes of conduct policies. A report has been provided regarding any kind of unethical conduct by various organization. In the end a report has been provided the tax paid or given by major internet organization in Australia. Discussion Survey Names Review Rating Christian Reading Google is best search engine in the world. As per me they strictly follow their code of conduct 9 Joshua Humphries Google provides the best search result and they do not interfere with privacy of various organizations. 8 Aiden Degraves In comparison to other search engine Google provides the best search results. They strictly follow their codes of conduct. 8 Luca Chatfield Apples provides the best quality of products but they make use of child labor which hampers their code of conduct. 8 Hunter Airey Apple provides best quality of gadgets but they do not treat their employee fairly which is considered to be a negative part on the side of Apple and it also disobey the codes of conduct 10 Lucas Youl Dell is the best organization for providing best of quality of computer products in the industry. 9 Thomas Pizzey Facebook is the best online social web site which is known all over the world. It is strictly follows its codes of conduct and in some cases it disobey the laws. 8 George Cheney Facebook is the most popular website in the domain of social networking. In some cases it 9 Brock Chubb Dell claims to provide best quality of products to clients. They tend to follow their codes of conduct for their employees. 10 Michael Winchcombe Apples provides the best quality of products but on the contrary they tend to use child labor and long shift hour of workers which hamper their code of conduct of the employees 9 Ethical policy for each company The Google code of conduct focus on the fact that it does not put evil into practices. This particular organization has some principles for higher standard which generally helps in hiring of large of people, building better products for future and attracting some of the loyal user (Tello, 2013). This organization has some principle for trust among the employees and foundation for the success. Google expect that all the employees and broad members to know and follow the codes of this organization. Soul of Dell focus on the type of organization it inspires to become which generally serves as a guide for various action around the world. This organization focus on attracting loyal customers by giving superior experience at a high value (Singh, Iglesias and Batista-Foguet, 2012). Dell is committed to provide direction of relationship, best quality of products and services with a superior experience of various customers. Dell believes that the success of the organization comes from the teamwork which can be achieved by creating a platform where team members can easily learn and develop themselves. Apple is forced to provide highest value of standard for various kinds of social and ethical conduct for various kind of responsibility. Apple requires its suppliers to work in accordance with the various principles of Apple suppliers code of conduct. This code focus on laws which draws the attention of the owners for advancing on the field of social and responsibility related to environmental (Kim and Douai, 2012). When the differences generally arise between standard and legal kinds of requirement the standard of stricter the generally applied which generally works according to the law. This codes mainly focus on the supplier conduct which generally works as per the rights labor and various kinds of law. Employee of Facebook and other kinds of people performing the work is generally known as Facebook Personnel which are generally expected to act lawfully, honestly, ethically and is working in the best order to perform a large number of duties on the behalf of this organization that is Facebook (Paris et al., 2013). This codes generally provides certain number of codes which can be utilized. People who wants to analyze out the fact that whether their code matches with the code can easily have an interaction with the various professional working in this organization. Among all of policies of code of conduct the policy of code of conduct of Facebook is considered to be the greatest one. Apple code of policies is the easiest one read from all the code of conduct of organization. Google has the strongest code of policies among the code of policies of the major internet organization like Apple, Google, Facebook and Dell. Description of unethical conduction by various organization Google Copyright violation: Various kinds of attempts has been made regarding the including of copyright materials in the various projects of google book without any kind of approval from various holders of IP which may been documented. Violation of electronic privacy: Google street is designed in such a way that they are generally equipped with various kinds of Wi-Fi sniffer which generally collects information about the locally available networks of Wi-Fi which is generally used for location service of google. In very few cases it is seen that these sniffers can capture weak encrypted signals on the traffic which may contain various kinds of confidential information like credential of login and financial information (Alphabet Investor Relations. 2018). As a result, Google was fined around twenty-five thousand dollars for interfering with investigation of FCC. But in the end google decided that Google has done nothing in the capturing of various kinds of data. Dell Dell is considered to be most ethical organization among the major internet organization. But still it has some few cases of unethical conduct like after the payment over the reregistration date Dell forced one of its customer to pay full price in spite of providing customer discount (McMullen and Apple, 2012). Dell promised to provide free service to this customer for next five years they do not provide any kind of service for at the last phase of five years. Apple Apple depends on child slave labor for the manufacturing of their various kinds of products. In many cases it is seen they forces labors to work in dangerous condition. Apple makes use of unsavory labor practice for building of iPhones, iPads, Mac and other kinds of devices. Working time of Apple is excessive which generally comes without a single day off during the whole week and employees of this organization have to stand so long that their leg will swell and they can hardly walk after the shift of 24 hours (Apple, 2018). Around 140 employees of Apple were injured due to the fact they make use of poisonous chemical which is used for cleaning the screen of iPhone. Facebook In the year of 2012, Facebook conducted a survey on nearly seventy thousand users and the apology was made by Sheryl Sandberg who is considered to be the second most powerful executive of Facebook (Slade and Prinsloo, 2013). The ultimate notion of this organization is whether positive or negative word in various message of user can affect the positive or negative content of in the various kinds of status update. In some cases, it is seen that this report does not matches with the code of conduct policies of organization and so the organization must look into this fact and should take necessary step and in some cases it is it matches with codes of policies of various kinds of organization. Tax paid in Australia by this organization Google and Facebook pays around 16.6 million dollars and 3.3 million dollars as income tax to the government of Australia. Apple pays around 128.2 million dollars as tax to the government of Australia (Clarke, and Boersma, 2017). Previously this major internet organization used to pay tax which was based on the profit which was earned on the business which is done in Australia but now as per the rules of Australian government they are shifting the earned income. Summary From the above discussion it can be easily that the major internet organization like Apple, Facebook, Google and Dell has code of policies which they claim to follow to a large extent. In some cases, it is seen that they breach their codes of policies and there are must some improvisation in the weak section of those organization. In some cases, it is seen that some of the organization are better in following codes of policies than the other organization. It is highly recommended to Apple to stop the usage of child labor for the practice for the manufacturing of different kinds of products. After researching or analyzing the code of conduct in various organization it is seen that the codes of conduct policies of Google are best and they follow it to a large extent which has made them giant in the field of major internet organizations. In the above pages of the report the survey of ten people regarding codes and conduct of four major internet organization has been provided. Various co des and policies of each of the four organization has been provided. References Ahmed, O.H., Sullivan, S.J., Schneiders, A.G., Anderson, L., Paton, C. and McCrory, P.R., 2013. Ethical considerations in using Facebook for health care support: a case study using concussion management. Alphabet Investor Relations. (2018). Alphabet Investor Relations. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018]. (2018). Cite a Website - Cite This For Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018]. Clarke, T. and Boersma, M., 2017. The governance of global value chains: Unresolved human rights, environmental and ethical dilemmas in the apple supply chain.Journal of Business Ethics,143(1), pp.111-131. Denecke, K., Bamidis, P., Bond, C., Gabarron, E., Househ, M., Lau, A.Y.S., Mayer, M.A., Merolli, M. and Hansen, M., 2015. Ethical issues of social media usage in healthcare.Yearbook of medical informatics,10(1), p.137. Kim, S.W. and Douai, A., 2012. Google vs. Chinas Great Firewall: Ethical implications for free speech and sovereignty.Technology in Society,34(2), pp.174-181. Kosinski, M., Matz, S.C., Gosling, S.D., Popov, V. and Stillwell, D., 2015. Facebook as a research tool for the social sciences: Opportunities, challenges, ethical considerations, and practical guidelines.American Psychologist,70(6), p.543. McMullen, M.B. and Apple, P., 2012. Babies (and Their Families) on Board! Directors Juggle the Key Elements of Infant/Toddler Care and Education.YC Young Children,67(4), p.42. Paris, C., Colineau, N., Nepal, S., Bista, S.K. and Beschorner, G., 2013. Ethical considerations in an online community: the balancing act.Ethics and information technology,15(4), pp.301-316. References Singh, J.J., Iglesias, O. and Batista-Foguet, J.M., 2012. Does having an ethical brand matter? The influence of consumer perceived ethicality on trust, affect and loyalty.Journal of Business Ethics,111(4), pp.541-549. Slade, S. and Prinsloo, P., 2013. Learning analytics: Ethical issues and dilemmas.American Behavioral Scientist,57(10), pp.1510-1529. Tello, L., 2013. Intimacy and Extimacy in Social Networks. Ethical Boundaries of Facebook.Comunicar,21(41)

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Dan Rathers Apology essays

Dan Rathers Apology essays I caught the Dan Rathers apology the other day; I was glad to see him apologize like a man. However it still seemed as though Dan was trying to split the blame fifty-fifty with Mr. Burkett. The apology still seemed sincere, but he did not apologize to President Bush for the damage that he may have caused. Although I think that this mistake by Dan Rathers will actually help President Bush in the polls. Overall I believe that CBS will get a very negative reaction from this. The story here is that Dan Rathers, a very well known and respected reporter for CBS, aired a story on 60 Minutes II based on documents that were questionable at the time. Dan Rathers decided to go ahead with the story that said that President Bush was given preferential treatment while giving service to the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. The documents were given to CBS by Bill Burkett, who served with President Bush, and was asked how he attained the documents and his answer was that he could not give out that information. That seems to be very suspicious to me that a strong supporter to Kerry would not be able to give a source and that the documents were written in a computer font when during the time period of the Vietnam War only typewriters were used for things like this. I think that because of the length of time that CBS has been working on this story and just waiting for proof, which they thought they finally had, they just went ahead and aired the story a nyway despite several gleaming issues against the documents history and make. Bill Burkett purposely gave CBS fake documents to make an attack on Presidents Bushs character and failed in my opinion. After reading one of those blogs that you talked to us about in class on Thursday, I found that there are several people that are very angry with CBS and think that CBS still believes the story to be true and is still waiting for proof. I think that the apolog...

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The Problem of Sins And Evil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Problem of Sins And Evil - Essay Example This prideful rebellion and the greed for power made Satan into a self-proclaimed foe of God. In the Bible the Revelations, chapter 12, versus7-8 state, â€Å"And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven.† (Hurault, 1996 ). Having established evil the next step was revenge on God and to destroy His works, as the gospel according to Peter, chapter 5 verse 8 states, â€Å"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour†. The gospel according to Luke, chapter 10 verses 19 to 20 states, â€Å"But God gives us authority over the evil of this enemy as Jesus tells us. (Hurault, 1996) The production of this twisted evil can be accompanied with enlightenment and choice, as stated in the Gospel according to Mathew, chapter 25 versus 41 â€Å"All created beings have two ch oices, to accept this authority over the evil enemy or to follow Satan into "everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.† (Hurault, 1996). The second disobedience was of our first parents i.e. Adam and Eve. Satan epitomizes evil and sin and to disobey God was to initiate evil. When I ponder over this ‘evil’ I realized that evil is void of righteousness and evil cannot be created since evil does not exist as a separate entity nor does it exist in reality.